Hundley Methodist Church

The history of Ashland United Methodist Church began with the merging of two small churches, Trinity Methodist and Hundley Methodist by vote of a congregational meeting on June 29, 1952. On that date, 62 active members assumed the staggering task of forming a new congregation and constructing a new church building. Ground was broken for the new building on June 14, 1953, the cornerstone was laid on September 27, 1953, and the first new service of worship was held on March 7, 1954.

The decade of the 1950's was a period of very rapid growth and considerable industry. All too soon, it became evident that the existing facility was not adequate to meet the needs of a burgeoning congregation. With every nook and cranny of the existing building filled, a decision was made to add an educational wing. Ground was broken for this addition on May 27, 1962.

Trinity Church 1939.JPG

On Maundy Thursday, April 7, 1966, one of the unique artistic features of Ashland UMC, the Venetian tile mosaic of DaVinci's Last Supper, was unveiled. Requiring over 2000 hours of labor from Ashland Church members, the mosaic was a totally new local art form. 

By 1973, the congregation had grown to over 1,200 members, and in that year purchased the classic Trinity Hinner organ which was restored and installed in the sanctuary. On May 26, 1985, the 95 year old bronze Vandusen and Tift bell which formerly had graced the Trinity Methodist Church, was publicly dedicated to the glory of God and for the service of the Ashland congregation and surrounding community.

On June 19, 1988, ground was broken for another addition which included an educational wing, music area, additional offices, an elevator, library and parking lot expansion.

In 2004, Ashland celebrated it's 50th anniversary in excellent form by unveiling it's newly renovated sanctuary on Easter Sunday.

In 2017, Ashland dedicated a new remodeled Fellowship Hall and kitchen closely followed by a new circle drive and portico in the summer/fall of 2018.